Harlette back on charge

Jun 9, 2017

During cold weather the Yamaha Virago had difficulty starting and on one occasion it actually stopped, luckily not far from home. Push-starting wouldn’t get the bike going. I had replaced a battery on the Virago (probably unnecessarily!) because it didn’t appear to be holding/delivering charge at start up. Using various motorbike forums for advice and information, using a digital multimeter I had checked the continuity of the stator that generates the ac power from the engine and the continuity of the rectifier regulator. Both had seemed fine. I bought a simple voltmeter that plugged into the DC outlet I had wired into the battery.


When the engine was not running, the DC being measured was around 12 volts then dropping to 11.6 volts when the engine was running.


When I was riding the bike the voltage would fluctuate between 10.8 volts and 12.8 volts, not enough to keep the battery charged.

I bought a rectifier/regulator on Ebay, including postage from China, for about 1/4 of the price from a UK supplier. The old rectifier bolts were pretty rusted but with WD40 and a fair amount of luck I managed to remove the old regulator from its frame set under the bike. With all the water and grime sloshing about there, no wonder the bolts rusted in place.


I replaced the old regulator with the new which was a perfect fit.


The new regulator now delivers a steady 14 volts when the engine is running which is plenty to keep the battery charged.


Hooray ! XJ6 fairing next.

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