Oil filter change Virago and air filter XJ6

Jul 7, 2017

There are small plastic flanges on the wide part of the filter so the old filter is removed by lifting the narrow edge. The new filter is installed by sliding the wide edge into place first. Mucky old filter.

New air filter in place.

The bolts on the cover for the oil filter on the Virago were difficult to unscrew. The heads on the bolts looked a little chewed up.

 Luckily I found a screw head that looked a perfect fit.

I removed the bolts by using two adjustable wrenches to turn the bolt while pushing the bolt in with the head of an adjustable spanner, to stop the screw bit slipping and chewing the bolt head even more. Difficult to get photo of this but this is the idea.

No oil leaks so far!

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