XJ6 oil change

Jul 12, 2017

This went a whole lot easier than the Virago because I put down plenty of cardboard and newspaper to catch any oil. Also the filter was a screw in type like a car oil filter, rather than being under a screwed cover as on the Virago. However, (there is always one), I hasn’t screwed the existing filter tightly enough last time I did this change. There was oil around the old filter, but not too much. Luckily the metal cap that sits on the filter when removing was a snug fit and the old filter unscrewed without much trouble. I cleaned around the filter area and sump plug using engine degreaser before fitting the new filter and refilling with oil. I have a torque wrench, with a very limited torque range, that allows me to tighten the filter to the required spec. The sump plug needed a much higher torque and I had to tighten that by “feel”.

So far, no obvious leaks. I will change the oil and filters on the Yaris tomorrow.

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