On the bike at 8C

Nov 5, 2017

I have plenty of layered clothing on and it still feels cold. I have put on another t-shirt and a neck warmer, like a circular scarf. The lined, waterproof trousers with protective padding fit well, keep my legs warm and make my legs feel somewhat protected. I think the coldest I should ride in is 10C. The bike is handling well with new tyres.

The bike feels stable carrying the weight of luggage. I think the weight is absorbing some of the vibration so I am not getting as severe tingling in my fingers as usual. There is plenty of space across the back seat and the panniers to place a tent. I need to work out where to place some hooks to which I can attach some bungie cords or a net.

This was a useful exercise in using the bike to carry “stuff” to the Camber dance weekend. The bike behaved well. I think the bike will serve me well for a longer holiday but I need to do more weekend trips to work out exactly what I need to take with me and how far I should ride in one day. A leisurely 2 hours ride in one day (not every day) covering 100 miles seems entirely feasible.

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