Wot no builder

Feb 15, 2018

Tools all over the place. This week was the big clear up. Except boiler problems at “the other place”. And problems with builders in another flat. and another thing … and another thing … Bloody incompetent, dishonest tradesmen.

Extractor fan above oven is now fixed. Took it out. Reaffixed a plug. Plugged it in the the mains. Coaxed the power tester into life. A few cables to the fan housing had power. No power to fan motor or light. Turned the fan housing around. Oh. There’s a switch underneath ….

Tinnitus in my right ear getting more noticeable. “Uncomfortable” right upper molar. GP on phone is sure everything “fine”. Dentist tomorrow for quarterly descaling – is the pain of that descaler (zzz, zzz, whuzz, screech,owww) really worth it or should I set a new trend in brown teeth? Must cut down on tea. Phoned up ENT clinic. Where’s my appointment for hearing aids? I’ve been waiting three months. I’m sure this chap didn’t have to wait in line. Trousered. The Sun has a way of changing nouns into verbs that borders on the poetic. Grumpy? Moi? The most important lesson to teach the young is you don’t have to take it or put up with it but you have to accept the consequences of your actions. It’s a two-way street. Don’t complain, do nothing and hope that nanny will make it all better. “I live for today”. What defeatist twaddle. In the modern argot, believe you have some agency, get a vision, work towards it and understand when you challenge those with power they won’t accept it meekly.

Regarding the remaining plastering, I phoned “Big Steve” who said he was going to “pay a visit” to him-who-must-not-be-named. I said there was no need to go all Sicilian but he might want to put someone to cover the back fence.

Twilight Tango on Sunday. An oasis of civility.

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