Some days it falls into place

Jun 9, 2018

Please explain how I could have looked in every cupboard 5 times for my Bluetooth headphones that drown out the noise on the tube when I have to take that – then I realised my Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth mouse that makes my tablet a very portable laptop substitute were also missing – that today I found them in a many-times-searched cupboard?

Amazingly the boiled over bike battery on the Virago turned over the engine today – having been topped up with deionized water a couple of days ago. The regulator rectifier is pumping out over 15V so it makes sense the battery over charged. Those old lead acid batteries can take quite a battering when drained it seems. I have bought a replacement rectifier regulator through EBay. I will check the output voltage on the replacement for the next month

A overdue donation to St Mungo’s was duly given in bemused appreciation.

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