Day snorkelling

Jul 9, 2018

Steve and I took a small boat, well a tub that belched diesel fumes, around some islands just offshore. The boat stopped a few times and we snorkelled. There are many beautiful fish in the seas around here. At one stop we tried fishing with simple lines and hooks with some cut up fish as bait but nothing was caught. One of the guys on the boat later caught some squid using a line, hook and a lure that looked like a small red fish. When the squid were caught they released loads of black ink but, of course, that wasn’t much help to the squid. Squid are intricate, delicate creatures with large eyes, a long way from the calamari on a plate. This was a reminder that when I eat meat or fish they cime from a living creature.

On the journey back to port I saw a fair amount of plastic cups and packaging floating on the water.

A young chap had been taking an underwater video whilst we were snorkelling and offered it for sale for 20 Euros. Steve and I went to watch it later. Parts of the video appeared to have different quality and light levels. There were a few scenes where I appear recognisable as a floating barrel. We thought the video has been cobbled together from parts taken during the day and footage of fish that we never saw. So, as a high quality, personal momento of the day it wasn’t worth 20 Euros and we decided not to buy.

Apart from the floating plastic and the amateur underwater video, it was great to have the opportunity to swim with the beautiful fish.

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