Bike uplift

Aug 1, 2018

The Virago has been running reliably since the new ignition unit and spark plugs were fitted (and the battery terminals secured!) I have decided to spend a bit more money on it and run it as a commuter since it is so cheap to run.

I have sent the seat off to Bradford to be recovered.

I bought a couple of handle bar end mirrors from an EBay seller. I had to cannibalise the old mirror fittings but they look fairly atttactive, if a little vulnerable if the bike falls over.

< pic here>

The regulations for UK vehicles driving/riding in Europe require (?) a Country-of-origin sticker on the number plate and masking of the head light throw to the left to prevent dazzling drivers of oncoming traffic when driving on the right. I had to cut down the number plate sticker and bought an old-school GB sticker on the back box. Various fiddling, cutting and fixing was required as the box curves a fair bit. Should do the job.

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