Yet more motorcycle stuff

Aug 15, 2018

The plan today was to replace the rectifier on the Virago.

Virago temporary rectifier wire connectors

However, I needed to use the electrical multimeter to check each wire change and the multimeter probe wire had broken.

Also, the Virago battery was completely flat. I think I damaged it when I ran the bike with the faulty rectifier that boiled the battery dry. The battery can no longer hold a charge as long as it used to. I can bump start the bike but I may be in for a new battery. I put the battery on charge for a few hours

but I still needed to bump start the bike. the Virago ran round the block a few times with no problem once it had turned over.

I couldn’t find the solder to fix the probe so I decided to do a different task. The oil change on the XJ6 was overdue.

The chain on the Virago is very loose and was filthy.

Virago dirty chain

Some of the chain links connections appear to have seized and I think a rubber O-ring came out when I cleaned the chain. So the  Virago chain looks pretty knackered.

The chain, rear sprocket and rear tyre need to be replaced on the Virago. The Virago exhaust looks a bit ropey. So some expense to get this road worthy.

The horn on the XJ6 isn’t working so I need to diagnose that – but of course I need the multimeter for that!

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