Hmmmmm …. the course of true love

Aug 16, 2018

Not enough fish: woman successfully sues dating agency over lack of men

Would Ms Burki have used her £12,600 better than

Burki, 47, a mother of three who lives in Chelsea, approached the dating service in 2013 in pursuit of a new partner. “Her requirements were not modest,” the judge observed.

What she wanted was a “sophisticated gentleman”, ideally employed in the finance industry. It was important that he should lead a “wealthy lifestyle” and be “open to travelling internationally”.

Her most important requirement was a willingness to have more children since she had always wanted four. Burki was encouraged by what she read about Seventy Thirty and eventually signed up, paying £12,600.

by giving the money to a childless couple as a contribution towards the cost of one course of IVF treatment?

A suggestion to Ms Burki is next time she looks for a partner she considers the substantially cheaper City Lit or dancing as a location to meet new friends. Again, no high-net-worth partner is guaranteed from these organisations. I think City Lit and Ceroc’s lawyers have scrupulously ensured the contract of service they provide explictly excludes such guarantees. Just a suggestion.

And another thing. Catching your fish is only the first step. It takes a lot of effort to make a tasty meal.

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