New rectifier on the Virago

Aug 19, 2018

Old rectifier from China £20, new rectifier from UK £66. Old rectifier voltage output fluctuated between 12.5v DC output and 15.5v DC. The new rectifier is delivering a stable 14.4V DC. Look at the heat sink on that new rectifier! Luckily the holes in the new rectifier just lined up with the position of the bolt holes on the frame and the original bolts were just long enough to attach the new rectifier.

I have got rid of that bodged up spade connection with some insulating sleeve and replaced it with a “proper” plug and socket. Hopefully this setup won’t melt like the last. The Virago is firing up after a couple of attempts and a small amount of choke. A new chain, rear sprocket and rear tyre are needed and then the Virago will be good for another year’s commuting.

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