Day trip to Braga

Sep 4, 2018

The trains I have travelled on in Spain and Portugal have been modern and clean.

Today’s trip was the majestically tedious Porto to Braga route. I now found out there is a 30 minute inter city route.

Braga cathedral contains many religious works of art. For example, these two “Flights from Egypt”. I like the natty, anachronistic hats.

A lot of the sculpture and figures are “hyper-real” with a reveling in the depiction of suffering. I guess this has a deep spiritual significance but it has always struck me as having a sado-sexual aspect. All those puppy dog eyes and rippling flesh.

Ooh, that fiery torment. There will be a gnashing of teeth and eternal damnation.

Anyway, back to the banal. Lunch with the locals for 5 Euros. Soup followed by roast chicken.

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