Yamaha XJ6 horn temporarily fixed

Oct 13, 2018

The cable to the horn kept on “dropping” from the bike horn. Except it wasn’t dropping, it was being pulled off because the cable was too short. I have extended the cable with a lashed up patch using “doubled up” 10A cable (so it has plenty current capacity). This was also an exercise in using the new ratchet crimping tool – which made a good job of connecting the wire to the spade connectors. For the past few days the horn has sounded loud and clear and the connector hasn’t fallen off once. I didn’t realise how important a bike horn is until I didn’t have one for a days. I am going to replace the wiring from the relay to the horn with the 10A multi strand cable. This cable will be flexible but hopefully won’t overheat when I attach the new dual horns – the whole reason for installing this horn relay in the first place!

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