First Man

Oct 24, 2018

Not as great a film as “The Right Stuff”, but I did get an impression of how rudimentary was the space flight technology and how dangerous the activity. How the astronauts tolerated being enclosed in the capsule for days on end I do not understand. Captain Kirk and the bridge of the Starship Enterprise the Apollo capsule was not.

The people in control of the moon shot were almost exclusively white males. I feel the default action is now “blame the white guy” and there is much the WG has to apologise for (most of large scale human conflict if I am trying to narrow it down a bit). I did like the little bit of context in the film about what else was happening in the US at the same time as the moon shot. The rendition of Gil Scott Heron’s whitey on the moon in the film makers you realise that the money spent on the moon shot should have been spent on the disadvantaged non-white communities. The poem is simple but complex, clear, and direct about the harsh life experienced by most Americans at that time. However, I vaguely remember (and I must find a reference for this) the whole Apollo programme cost the same as the amount of money spent on lipstick in one year in the 60s in the US.

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