It was only ‘banter’, says Sir Philip Green after ‘worst week’

Oct 29, 2018

Whenever I have witnessed bullying at work, the perpetrator very frequently claims that the comments and actions that caused distress to other members of staff (usually female) were “only banter”. Further, in almost all cases the bullier is either 1. Completely unaware that their actions are causing distress to less powerful colleagues who are subjected to this “banter” , and/or 2. Try to blame the victim by claiming that person “has no sense of humour” or “is a snowflake”.

Maybe Sir Philip needs to meet some of the people who have made accusations against him, listen very carefully to what impact his actions had on that person, their career and life, and personally and sincerely apologise for his actions. He has apologised through the press but that action is a bit like washing himself in the waters of the River Jordan thinking all his sins will be washed away.

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