All vehicles done.

A few months ago I reversed into something and broke only the bulb holder for the number plate light. Amazingly, the bulb wasn’t broken and the lamp still works but the holder isn’t locked in place. The bulb doesn’t seem to move but I would like to replace the bulb holder.

I can’t seem to find the part online so I am asking on various car and bike forums if anyone knows where I can get the part.

More bike stuff

Aug 17, 2018

I tightened the chain on the Virago but I think I overtightened the bolts holding the back axle to the swing arms (?). The bike was difficult to push and there was a squeaking sound as I moved the bike. The cotter pin (split pin) on one of the bolts got stuck and sheared. Anyway, the chain is now a bit tighter and the bike is starting without a push. So I will run the bike around the block each morning to make sure it turns over. I have the Virago booked in with John, when he returns from holiday, for a new chain, rear sprocket and rear tyre. He will adjust everything properly. The main thing is to keep the bike turning over until then so I feel confident the battery will have some life left in it.

The Yaris will be MOTd on Monday so I will do an oil change before then and check lamp bulbs, wiper blades etc .

I hate moaning …

Apr 4, 2018

… I really do. But do car dealership think we exist for their convenience? I have ignored an airbag safety recall on my Yaris for, let’s just say, too long. Now the dealership in Enfield asked me take the car in before 9am and it would be ready by 5pm. Hang on, that means a one hour bus and walking journey back to Barnet after dropping off the car. Then back by bus to Enfield at 5pm. Sorry, but don’t I have anything to do with my life? I think the prospect of those journeys was putting me off getting the fix applied. Luckily I got the guy to agree to a while-you-wait arrangement in May. So I will be at the dealership when it opens at 8am. I can drink lots of their coffee while I wait.