To get under the grubby edge of the machine top, I slid out the machine and took off the top – easy access.

I also cleaned around the push buttons using a cheap toothbrush.

I cleaned out the detergent tray using some new bottle brushes, Viakal and a thin screwdriver The result was pretty good.

I also wiped down the door with Viakal to remove the hard water scale. Maybe I will flush the whole machine tomorrow evening with soda crystals and vinegar (I need to check that).

Several websites indicated weak acid and bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) if added to the drum simultaneously would neutralise (acid-base), so I ran one 90C cycle with a container of citric acid, then another 90-c cycle with a container of bicarb. When the machine was draining I noticed, when I glanced through the window, loads of steam . This was because the waste pipe had not been fixed to the outlet bend and the drain water was not going down the pipe but discharging all over the ground outside. How long has that been happening? I need to get some pipe weld glue (or something equivalent) to secure the pipe to the bend – it’s push fit for now and shouldn’t come out unless knocked.