John Pienaar on fire

Sep 5, 2019

News at 10, Thurs 5 Sept. Politics that matters.


Another “inverted pyramid of piffle”, Mr Johnson?

Go Eddie Mair

Jun 21, 2019

What an utterly shabby piece of work is Boris Johnson. A proven liar. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Britain’s own bargain bucket Donald Trump, Bozo Bojo

OOr-duuuuuur. Or-duh!

Apr 11, 2019


Mar 27, 2019

Bill Cash compared MPs who didn’t play according to his preferences as “Whelks in charge of the whelk stall”. Another haughty, charmless Tory.

Life is full of tricky, unclear compromises where we hope to make the least bad decision. Welcome to the real world Mr. Cash.

Brave New World?

Mar 27, 2019

England winning at football, MPs finally saying what believe rather than toeing the party line. We are blinking our eyes as we enter a brave new world.

The glorious competence of this Conservative government in its dealings with the private sector that strives to deliver value-for-money , quality public services

Government outsourcing firm Interserve faces administration

Rewarding your mates for failure: