I wanted to try my Motorcycle helmet camera as a webcam, in place of the laptop built-in camera.

I bought an HDMI to USB converter.

These are like video capture cards that retail up to £100 – but this device doesn’t produce the video quality of the pricey gear. All I did was plug the camera output into the converter over HDMI and then plugged the device into the laptop USB port. The USB plug colour is blue but techies say it is really a USB 2.0 connection. Windows 10 recognised the video capture device correctly and I recorded a short clip using Snap camera on the laptop – the video quality was significantly sharper than the video from the built in camera.

I have now found reference to an app where an Android phone can be Bluetooth or wirelessly connected to a laptop and the video streamed from the Android camera to the laptop. I will experiment with that and compare the quality between the two setups.

Video clips to go here

I have a gently tilted stand on which my laptop stands. Under the stand are three fans to cool the base of the laptop. Unfortunately, the laptop slipped on the polished aluminium. So I cobbled together a couple of clips made from unused plastic gutter clips.

Cut apart using a Dremel cutting wheel.
Stuck together using mitre glue for instant adhesion, then some epoxy resin to make the joint more substantial. This combination of mitre glue to hold everything in place before adding epoxy seems to work well.
Held in place with zip ties
Neat job

Not too tricky

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