At the Wells Tavern, Hampstead. Rather pricey but lovely location, elegant calming decor, good food and warm helpful staff.

Wells Tavern, Hampstead


Ladies and gentlemen,

I give you …..

The Tofu Press

… muscular. Salted cod bacalhau, soaked in water for 6 (!) days to lessen (not remove) the salt, then baked in olive oil (say half a litre) with potatoes and onions.

That’s lunch and evening meal in one go. I was starving 2 hours ago. Siesta for me, now.

Ourense, Galicia

Aug 31, 2018

Cafe Orella

Disclaimer: No sentient creatures were harmed in the making of this blog post.

East End Oysters

Aug 27, 2018

I’m sure some people did badly out of the redevelopment, and a few people made a lot of money, but the East End of London from Shoreditch out to the Olympic Park is boomsville. I hope access to all the paths and gardens around the stadium is reinstated. A charming man persuaded me to contribute to the canals and waterways charity for which I get a magazine and a natty enamelled badge. I have joined a club!

Bench. Comfortable.

Steve Barnes, released into the community.

Steve Barnes after the medication wears off.