The ground was covered with unsightly, small weeds

A few hours digging and sifting resulted in

and here are the new plants from Clockhouse Nursery, Enfield

Rhubarb still growing

Aug 31, 2019

No fence, new fence

Apr 28, 2019

October roses

Oct 7, 2018

There was a fair amount of dust on the soil from the building work next door. I scraped off the dust, removed the large stones, cut back the climber. Then I picked up a bag of mulch from Clockhouse Nursery carrying it on the back of the Virago. The Rok straps made sure the bag was secure on the passenger seat / perch. The Virago ran fine between Barnet and Enfield, so for now the various electrical problems seem to have been sorted out. Finally I turned over about one third of the compost heap, burying the non decomposed material which had been lying on the top. I might get a couple of bags of horse manure from Clockhouse and chuck that on top to enrich the compost.


Jan 15, 2018


Yet more fence

Oct 1, 2017

Another fence post was leaning.

I was hoping the base wasn’t rotten because the post didn’t move easily. I dug out the soil around the base.

And decided I could lever the concrete to straighten the post vertically. This worked quite well.

I could have bought some more postcrete but I had some bonding plaster lying around. I decided to pack the space around the base.

This may turn out to be a bad idea if the plaster falls apart in a damp environment. So far the bonding plaster has gone off hard.