Autumn beans

Sep 26, 2020

Still cropping.

Shed and garden stuff

Aug 31, 2020

I wanted to make the covered area by the side of the shed more accessible and able to store the bikes. Some wood offcuts from the roof were lying under the shed and were the perfect size to “lift” the roof line.

I cut the wood to a reasonable size and shape. I think I will need a rasp file to make the wood fit the profile of the frame and the side of the shed. The wood seems to fit well and give a useful increase in roof height.

I will cover with clear, corrugated plastic.

The compost heap has always been in the “wrong” place and maybe in the future I will find a way to “rotate” it to make it less visible. For now I had about 5 gravel boards lying behind the shed. I have cut them to a length equal to the width of the heap and just lain then on top of the heap frame. The heap now looks a bit monumental but less distracting with old vegetables visible as I walked past.

The lawn trimmers rarely cut well. I think the problem was due to the retaining nut, which had a nylon washer that attempted to prevent unscrewing, but didn’t. I decided to undo the nut, clean the thread, apply thread locker and reassemble. I have left the trimmer in the shed after this to see if it works.

The “before” picture.
Disassembled and cleaned.

Garden veg

Jul 15, 2020

Beans coming on well. Interesting how the plants near the fence have grown the most. They probably get the most sunlight.
Still a decent crop of Rhubarb.

Hopefully will get some fresh veg in a couple of months.

Finally, some flowers

Apr 12, 2020

Very delicate “splodges” of colour among “structural elements”. Maybe some veg will go in tomorrow !

Ready for the veg.

The ground was covered with unsightly, small weeds

A few hours digging and sifting resulted in

and here are the new plants from Clockhouse Nursery, Enfield

Rhubarb still growing

Aug 31, 2019