Tedious, tedious job. Why do I find it so difficult? Oh, that’s right, because I’m a that-will-come-in-useful hoarder.

Cleared the worktop and put on EBay an old tile cutter. Some progress, I suppose. EBay to get rid of not needed tools. Not much money will be made, but at least I’m not throwing decent stuff away – which makes the hoarder feel quite ill.

Hoarding 2

Aug 27, 2015

I checked on the Amazon website and buy-my-books what I could get from selling the books I considered had some value. The maximum offer I got was 15p. I suppose there is a positive side in that there are quality books out there that can be bought for the price of postage alone.


Aug 20, 2015

Another first world affliction. I am pretty sure at least half the world’s population would love to have this problem. Why do I accumulate and hang on to so much stuff? And like wrinkles, dust creeps up on you. Until one day someone innocently or maliciously points out your wrinkles or your dust “for your own good”. For me it has taken the prospect of a few visitors, rather than a clean-o-maniac to see my home through others eyes. Oh dear. Well, it is not actually squalid, just “crowded ” , very “crowded”. And I really love minimalist interiors (does anyone live in such a thing?). To solve tackle the problem I have my three bag system. Black = dump. White = charity shop.

Clear= possible EBay.

We shall see how effective this is.