Emirates Cabin crew

Jan 4, 2013

Chatting to one of the stewards in A380. Customer service experience dealing with tired, irritable, anxious, ill passengers on a long flight where there is no option to get off is probably the best training in customer service you can get.

Paid for lounge KLIA

Jan 3, 2013

This is more like it


For about £35 at KLIA, I, a mere economy passenger, have use of a lounge with comfortable seats, subdued lighting, showers, complimentary beer, free food, power sockets to charge my phone,  to while away the wait until the flight. I will definitely check for other paid for lounges in airports in future. I just hope they don’t get too popular or expensive.

National museum, KL

Jan 3, 2013

The museum is a lovely airy, modern building built in a traditional style. The museum building is about 200 metres from the KL Sentral station. However, because of the construction works between the museum and KL Sentral station, the museum is almost inaccessible by foot (Jan 2013), except by navigating the space between the building sites and busy roads.

Navigating from KL Sentral to the National Museum

Navigating from KL Sentral to the National Museum

There will be a better connection when the construction is finished.

The museum exhibits trace the history of Malaya with a lot of early history being taken up by warring between factions. There are many swords and daggers on display. A lot of display is actually information boards. I fathomed the european occupiers were the Portuguese, Dutch, British then the Japanese. I read what happened with various toing and froing between the colonial powers .I didn’t find a narrative explaining why the europeans were in Malaya but I guess it was all connected to: spices, tin, rubber and coffee. There is one cabinet containing a Japanese soldier’s helmet, uniform and telephone. There was little explanation on this Japanese exhibit.

The museum café sells a wide range of Malay food, including five types of dried fish at 1RM (25p) per portion. How are the locals so small and slight? Maybe 5RM is a lot to pay for lunch. I, however, wearing with a white T-shirt, shorts, black socks and trainers look like a cross between an American and a walrus in summer leisure wear. Why anyone buys MacDonalds crap (other processed crap is available), when you can get food of this quality and variety, baffles me.

As throughout KL, there is a vast amount of office building near KL Sentral carried out by men in flip flops, vests and shorts. To get between the mono rail station and the main KL Sentral you need to walk by the site works. There are no clear, permanent direction signs only occassional printed sheets of paper stuck on posts, like a treasure trail, with a big arrow showing the way to the station. When I arrived first at KL, I wandered around asking people where the MR is. At one point I had to walk through a basement area which had a jumble of coaches, buses, taxis with no clear organisation our route. thankfully I left the big case at the airport. I think the MR station is bring extended across the road and will terminate inside the KL Sentral, as do most rail lines currently. In fact, most lines are accessible by gates opening onto the main, central concourse. So, apart from the current monorail confection, KL Sentral is an effective transport hub.

I think that UK cities during the Industrial Revolution must have been places with a similar jumble of new development sweeping away the old.

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I felt a bit ripped off by hostel Number Eight. If I had been charged £15 per night I would not have complained. £25 seems a bit steep given the basic quality of the room and the noise at night. The location in Bukit Bintang for local cheap eatery and the monorail. I decided to compare a few nearby hostels.

Gren Hut, RAE hotel and Alpha Genesis are all on the same road as Hotel Number 8.

Green Hut 48 has a back packer feel but the room I saw had a better bathroom and also included wifi and breakfast.  Charge is RM100 for single but receptionist offered 90RM for three nights. The rooms in Green Hut are basic but better than number 8 for the price.

RAE hotel I could only see room between 2pm and 5pm. RM128 room no window, no brekkie, RM138 rm per night for the same type of room but with a window. Photo of the room it looked looked like those in Alpha Genesis.

Alpha Genesis is a more a conventional hotel. There were slight carpet stains but the room was clean enough. A single room is RM179 with ok bathroom and RM199 for a slightly bigger twin/double room.

For price I recommend Green Hut. There must be at least 10, 20 (?) basic hotels/ backpackers within a 5 minute walk from Bukit Bintang monorail station.


Permission granted for photo.

of the ever expanding Baldwin Brothers ( Jeff, Waldo), is currently seen on KLs large public video screens advertising, well, I don’t know what. Is it: tweed jackets, a day at the races, romantic dinner wearing a dinner suit, taxi rides, piano playing services? He is accompanied by a hair- flicking, 20 something, no lips, no tongues, blonde woman who does nothing except look smouldering on the point of religious exctasy. Disgusting! Is WB going to remake “Lost In Translation”?


Grilled kembong fish cooked with mouth numbing chillis. Smelled and tasted a bit large a sardine/pilchard. And very good it was at 7 RM.

As I am at the “city limits” English is less widely or well spoken. I could take a taxi from Wangsa Maju (english snigger) station, but I seem to have established by pointing at a picture of a tiger that the U34 is the bus I need

Bus to KL zoo

Bus to KL zoo

At 1RM it will be an interesting tour. The U34 bus seems to have a very irregular schedule. Will there be taxis at the zoo exit as a fall back route? Worry, worry, fret.

.. Later ..

Well I have been to the zoo. There is a great advantage here that the vegetation is very lush so a “sympathetic” environment can be created for the animals. An old enclosure, I think it had been for the bears, was being demolished. A lot of concrete was being removed. There was one mixed enclosure that contained zebra, giraffes,


ostriches and maybe some other animals. This enclosure was built with quite a bit of vegetation and to my mind that felt a “better ” setting in which to see the animals.

I took a taxi back to wangsa (snigger) maju station for 20 RM (£5) because I couldn’t be bothered to sit around for 30(?) minutes for the bus to arrive. Ooh, splash that cash!