Ace Cafe 14 Sept 2019

Sep 20, 2019

Restored classics. Look at the cylinder size on these.

After a fun evening at the Questors Theatre Sat night, a naughty bacon sarnie down the Ace on the way back from Ealing, on Sunday morning. Several stalls selling adventure tours in Turkey and Patagonia. Tempting, tempting.

Decision time

Feb 14, 2019

Seb the mechanic says the regulator on the Virago is definitely faulty. I ran all the standard checks and can’t find anything wrong. He is the expert. I need to sell the Virago because of the London ULEZ but it needs to be a runner. The supplier of the reg-rec will take it back for testing and supply a replacement for free if the original is faulty. But what if the problem is somewhere else? Do I want to spend £86 on another regulator and not fix the problem?


Jan 3, 2019

This is why I am prepared to motorcycle in the rain

UK trains ‘are packed to near double capacity’

Yaris passed the MOT!

Aug 20, 2018

Hooray! Maybe cleaning it swayed the jury. I have discovered a new filter for the Yaris – it is the cabin filter behind the glove box. This filters the air coming into the cabin and of course it is filthy. A new one costs about £10.

I need to get to a car breaker to get a new glove box cover. The existing one is “slightly” broken and this has always irritated me.

The Virago starts up fairly reliably now without a push. Hopefully the new rectifier will keep the battery charged without over-charging. I will run the bike every day around the block a couple of times just to keep the battery charged until John returns to replace the chain and rear sprocket.

Old rectifier from China £20, new rectifier from UK £66. Old rectifier voltage output fluctuated between 12.5v DC output and 15.5v DC. The new rectifier is delivering a stable 14.4V DC. Look at the heat sink on that new rectifier! Luckily the holes in the new rectifier just lined up with the position of the bolt holes on the frame and the original bolts were just long enough to attach the new rectifier.

I have got rid of that bodged up spade connection with some insulating sleeve and replaced it with a “proper” plug and socket. Hopefully this setup won’t melt like the last. The Virago is firing up after a couple of attempts and a small amount of choke. A new chain, rear sprocket and rear tyre are needed and then the Virago will be good for another year’s commuting.