Tango 21 August 2019

Aug 21, 2019

Beat: and (w) one (m)

Direction Of toe is direction of movement

Weight ball of foot to push floor and get momentum. Don’t pull body forward then pull legs after.

Be aware of your own body.

Dance to the musical phrase.


Side step left,

dissociate by pushing left shoulder forward as moving right foot forward.

Two steps: right, left, but keep left shoulder forward in anticipation of woman cross.

Lead to cross: don’t rush woman into cross, her cross step is one whole beat, man’s left foot is forward, right foot which is behind is on tip of toe .

Roll back on right foot draw woman to right (forward ocho?)

Roll forward weight on to left foot to free up right foot, then slight turn to right (cw, weight on left) and sacada woman with right foot.

Rotate woman around right shoulder but keep her close to shoulder. Keep left hand up and in centre of line between chests.

Woman ends up side by man facing same way; but halfway through woman’s move, man starts turning clockwise on right foot until facing woman where man’s chest is level with woman’s right shoulder.

Tango funnies

Apr 7, 2018

TANGO: 8 Follower No-No’s (with Miles Tangos) – YouTube

About a year ago I bought some practise dance shoes and a couple of pairs of suede replacement soles. Recently I have been receiving some “unrepeatable bargain” emails from Clark’s Shoes (makers of very comfortable suede shoes). Anyway, I went to the local shop in Barnet. The shoes I was interested in were too narrow (of course) but I found a couple of pairs including the following blue suedes. 

A perfect fit and the local repairer glued on the suede soles. I took them for an outing at the Watford milonga – fab!

is hardly as rousing a call to arms as “man the barricades”.

Yes, of course , the whole edifice of Twitter is to deliver the incoherent, incontinent ramblings of the self-obsessed to a media-starved world, pining for the incisive contributions of Barry from Bridgend or Nora from Nuneaton. Or is that #Barrybonehead-wassup ?

BBC iplayer was unavailable over the past weekend. Irritating? yes. Life-threatening? Well, I’ll leave you to work that one out.

World-wide news reports stated “people took to twitter to complain”. I’m sure “they” are quaking in their collective boots at such a surge of digital disdain.

I love this quote: One user, called @carlyslaejepsen said: “my mum doesnt pay her tv license for me to be unable to use iplayer @BBCiPlayer [sic].” Aaaah, bless. I’m sure his mum will make things better.

Stuck for something to do? Try outdoor tango instead.

I finally go to Gordon Hill, Enfield, for a class with Nicki and Chris. And what nice people they are. For me the pace was just right and I learned some good stuff , a small ocho and hand in front of buttons to prevent my right shoulder coming forwards that I can apply in the real dance world. See little black book. Then the announcement they are stopping Enfield classes and only offering Tring, mid week. Oh joy. well I am on their mailing list so will go to their workshops.

Very tango site

Jun 15, 2012

Loads of useful information and links to instructional videos