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Apr 7, 2018

TANGO: 8 Follower No-No’s (with Miles Tangos) – YouTube


About a year ago I bought some practise dance shoes and a couple of pairs of suede replacement soles. Recently I have been receiving some “unrepeatable bargain” emails from Clark’s Shoes (makers of very comfortable suede shoes). Anyway, I went to the local shop in Barnet. The shoes I was interested in were too narrow (of course) but I found a couple of pairs including the following blue suedes. 

A perfect fit and the local repairer glued on the suede soles. I took them for an outing at the Watford milonga – fab!

is hardly as rousing a call to arms as “man the barricades”.

Yes, of course , the whole edifice of Twitter is to deliver the incoherent, incontinent ramblings of the self-obsessed to a media-starved world, pining for the incisive contributions of Barry from Bridgend or Nora from Nuneaton. Or is that #Barrybonehead-wassup ?

BBC iplayer was unavailable over the past weekend. Irritating? yes. Life-threatening? Well, I’ll leave you to work that one out.

World-wide news reports stated “people took to twitter to complain”. I’m sure “they” are quaking in their collective boots at such a surge of digital disdain.

I love this quote: One user, called @carlyslaejepsen said: “my mum doesnt pay her tv license for me to be unable to use iplayer @BBCiPlayer [sic].” Aaaah, bless. I’m sure his mum will make things better.

Stuck for something to do? Try outdoor tango instead.

I finally go to Gordon Hill, Enfield, for a class with Nicki and Chris. And what nice people they are. For me the pace was just right and I learned some good stuff , a small ocho and hand in front of buttons to prevent my right shoulder coming forwards that I can apply in the real dance world. See little black book. Then the announcement they are stopping Enfield classes and only offering Tring, mid week. Oh joy. well I am on their mailing list so will go to their workshops.

Very tango site

Jun 15, 2012

Loads of useful information and links to instructional videos