This seems to work


OR creating a new heading style and assigning to Heading 1. Heading 2 etc.


Up and running

Dec 20, 2018



First-world problems

Dec 20, 2018


Come on, you are pulling my chain.

On your phone you now have a tool that breaks communication barriers. This makes the world more accessible. Ok, it doesn’t produce great prose. But GT is a whole lot better than what I could achieve with 2 years study of a language other than English. However, maybe something about being aware of the difference others has been lost.

I believe the standard way in Flask to link HTML to external CSS and HScript is to put the CSS in a directory called “static”

The same approach for indicating where javascript is held.

I want one …

Oct 15, 2017

… and I want the sunshine to go with it

Solar powered cars Down Under