Windows Explorer contains Office 365 OneDrive folder for work but no personal folder.

Mouse right-click on the work Office365 folder to display the context menu.

Select “Settings”

Under the OneDrive tab select “Add an Account”.

Follow the instructions to add the personal microsoft account – which has 5GB of storage without a paid account.

The personal OneDrive folder will appear in Windows Explorer if the microsoft account is valid.

Trying to take a screenshot of a context menu in Windows 10 , and keeping multiple screenshots on the clipboard before pasting can be achieved as follows.

  1. Display the context menu e.g. right click on a folder in Windows explorer
  2. Enter simultaneously on the keyboard: Win-key, shift, S. This will display the screenshot menu at the top of the screen, but the context menu will still be visible.
  3. Select the screen shot by positioning the cursor on the screen, click and hold muse left button, move cursor to bottom right cornet of area and release left mouse.
  4. Enter on keyboard simultaneously the two keys: win-key-V

This seems to work


OR creating a new heading style and assigning to Heading 1. Heading 2 etc.

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Dec 20, 2018



First-world problems

Dec 20, 2018


Come on, you are pulling my chain.

On your phone you now have a tool that breaks communication barriers. This makes the world more accessible. Ok, it doesn’t produce great prose. But GT is a whole lot better than what I could achieve with 2 years study of a language other than English. However, maybe something about being aware of the difference others has been lost.