Having broken the screen on my previous Galaxy S4 phone, as it dropped from an overcrowded table, I bought a replacement from a chap living next to a kebab shop on Lea Bridge Road. This phone had a non upgradeable operating system in that the Samsung utilities, Kies and Smart Switch, didn’t offer any upgrades. I have a feeling through a “Bell Wallet” app that this  phone came from Canada. After the usual hours of faffing and heart stopping crashes and boot loops, I managed to 1 get USB connection active 2) root the phone 3) install alternate recovery ( which I understand makes the installation of an alternate firmware easier than the standard software) 4) installed CM13 which is based on Android 6. Yes! Lovely! No bloatware apps. The UI just seems to flow more easily than the delivered Android 4.4.


See: http://www.howtogeek.com/142044/how-to-turn-a-raspberry-pi-into-an-always-on-bittorrent-box/

Rather than the downloads of BBC podcasts coming to my laptop and I have to run the dowload client explicitly, I want the data to go direct to the file server and to be running in the background. Deluge is already installed on the pi and promises a Web interface (thin client? I’m not so sure) to add or remove podcasts.





New Acer laptop – courtesy Simon Vaughan-Long. Very smooooooth …

Data server – running FreeNas – salvaged from Martin Shields

Ethernet over the main – courtesy of Comtrend, BT and EBay. Documentation crap, fiddly to setup, stable, throughput performance OK, usefulness 10/10 when wireless signal is poor