I couldn’t override the old controller. Something was jammed or broken inside. So to put the heating on, I had to turn the dial so the programme and time were out of sync. Horrible design, rubbish construction.

I took the opportunity to buy an electronic timer that reinstated the functions of a Honeywell timer from the 1980s!

Cover removed from boiler showing manual controller.

New electronic controller

Old controller just slid up when boiler casing removed

New controller in place, working well.


Broadway Market

Oct 5, 2019

Lots of food stalls

Meghan out buying the bread

Some craft stalls

People sitting outside eating and drinking

Bikes, bikes, bikes. Oh, so millennial .

Tell me. Seriously. I clean my bins once per month with a squeeze of bleach, two buckets of water, a soft broom and about 5 minutes effort per bin. I’m in the wrong game.

The ground was covered with unsightly, small weeds

A few hours digging and sifting resulted in

and here are the new plants from Clockhouse Nursery, Enfield

TV bracket

Aug 9, 2019

I wanted a swing-out TV bracket for the lounge so I could position the screen depending on where I was sitting. I had bought a bracket which was very heavy and a fixed 15 degrees forward tilt which was unsuitable for my small lounge. I returned the bracket at a cost of £11 postage. Ouch!

The new bracket was more compact, still rather heavy, but much more flexible in terms of fixing options than the first bracket.

The bracket took me 2 hours to fix securely to the existing plywood fixing. I wanted to try to get the bracket as level as possible so I took my time. I used m6 bolts with loctite nuts to fix the back plate as I felt this was more secure than using screws. The weight of the bracket caused it to rotate, so I used one screw to counteract this twisting without needing to bear weight. This seems to have worked well.


VLC Blu-Ray windows

Jun 15, 2019