Well, pricey inconvenience really.
But let’s start with the good bit. I am now an evangelist for Emirates Airline and the Airbus A380. Boeing must envy this plane. On the Heathrow to Dubai and the Dubai to Melbourne legs economy is full, but the plane does not seem congested.


I also think that as the plane has been divided into 4 smaller cabins with a standing area at the back rather than squeezing in another row of seats AND the ceiling height means you don’t duck under the luggage lockers than you finger feel cabin fever.
It may be my imagination but are the seats a tad wider? Is the seat pitch a fraction bigger? certainly there are more staff serving. The cutlery is metal. The children don’t cry.  The in-flight entertainment has large screens
and instant-play up-to-date movies.


Even audio Monty Python. It just seems everything is better. The only slight down side in cattle clews is the 3_4_3 seat configuration. Mercifully my request for an aisle seat has been honoured. Still, another 90 hours travel. Ask me my opinion when it gets to half-past Monday.

But the “disaster”. Why oh why, when I was standing to get off at Dubai did I not concentrate that I had everything at every major pinch point. Why oh why did I not put all essentials in just one place such as inside pocket of coat? I did the airport pat down and yet I lose my phone. Yes, losing my passport would have been a real disaster. But two weeks after losing my dance shoes? Get a grip.
I discovered the loss of the phone when in transit. I dashed back to the transit security, wrong one. There is a second transit security. I am sweating now. And blow me down, it is a quiet time and a smiling security man, Ibrahim, may Allah protect you, my new brother, had my trusty, diminutive Galaxy Ace in his hand. To celebrate I am writing this blog. As penance, another donation to St Mungo’s the homeless charity.

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